Fuel Oil Management System


  • Invoice Tracking
  • General Accounting Integration
  • Pump Attendant Shift Calculations
  • Fuel Oil Stocks
  • Personnel Cards
  • Cash Register and Revenue-Expense Calculations
  • Bank and Check Accounts
  • Current Accounts

Invoice Tracking

It enables the user to track the invoice transactions within the program and to perform buying and selling invoice operations easily and it enables you to print out the invoices through the printer that is connected to the computer.

General Accounting Integration

The user can transfer the current, invoice, check/bonds, cash register and bank transactions to the accounting program and it can be easily integrated into other systems.

Pump Attendant Shift Calculations

Site pump automation index reading, manual index entry, cash-on credit-credit slips, shift revenue-expense, accounting based on name-personnel, vehicle transfer or collections based on shipping card, shift interim cash register deliveries, buying foreign exchange, shift-personnel vacancy-redundancy report, individual or collective reporting of shifts totals and graphical analyses of sales with counter.

Fuel Oil Stocks

Input-Output records and stock analyses, waste records, intensity records, unit price change records, buying-selling prices controls, collective and fixed pump price definitions and tank liter tracking.

Personnel Cards

Management, accounting, pump, store, washing and similar group identifications, cash, shift vacancy-redundancy, wage accruals, follow-up of start and end of employments, setting sales premiums, follow-up of store stock supervisors and follow-up of promotions responsibilities.

Cash Register and Revenue-Expense Calculations

The organization’s main cash register, foreign exchange registers, store and similar sub-registers, pump-store shift register, internal transfer revenue-expense accounts between cash registers and their follow-up, processing the reports, personnel, management and credit revenue, shift interim cash register deliveries and cash register reports.

Bank and Check Accounts

Bank money and foreign exchange account cards, follow-up of pos slips that is associated with a bank account, internal transfer between banks, money transfer, deposited-drawn, check books, dealer card accounts, deducted, received, given, clearing checks portfolio, entrusted check accounts tracking, pos slip operations (term commission follow-up)

Current Accounts

Customer’s card information (individual/ group), debit credit records, term differences, store credit slip, per-liter/monetary follow-ups, shipping cards, license plate tracking, account lists, slip-current account-check-risk, fixed current accounts, limit excess lists, total and store credit invoices.