Store Management System


  • Store Cashier Sales Screen
  • Store Shift Calculations
  • Store Stock List

Managers can watch multiple screens (computer-connected cash register or sales with manual reader) simultaneously online over station or their own computer remotely thanks to this module.They can receive instant shift sales report and shift cash register balance.

Store Stocks

Purchase – sales records and stock analyses, unit price change records, storage specifications, follow-ups, transfers, total and retail sales price definitions, auxiliary unit follow-ups (number of items, packages, kg, cardboard etc.), barcode and auxiliary barcode definitions follow-up.

Store Stock List

Instant store stock list, available stocks, storages and stock values are listed over purchase-sales prices.

Store Cashier Sales Screen

Multiple sales screens can be opened simultaneously (the queue before the cash register is reduced, rapid sales and service is provided) and sales can be done with a different foreign currency (if daily foreign exchange rate is entered daily).

Store Shift Calculations

Manual sales with barcode- computer-connected cash register as an option, sales by cash-store credit-credit card, viewing amount of product, shift, interim cash register deliveries, manual terminal/ manual